Asterisk 13 3 way call using features.conf

The attended transfer function of features.conf allows the agent to drop off the call and leave the original caller and 3rd party to continue talking. This allows the agent to take another call in the meantime.

The 3-way functionality will keep the agent on the call with the original caller and 3rd party. Somewhere in the conversation I would like the agent to leave the call, and allow the original caller and 3rd party to continue the conversation. However, when the agent disconnects, the entire call is disconnected. This means the agent needs to be on the phone for the entire conversation between caller and 3rd party.

Is it possible to use the features.conf functionality to do what I want in this case, if not, can you give me the gist of a potential solution on how I can do this?

Note: I thought about redirecting the channels to a conference room by using the ChannelRedirect application in a applicationfeaturemap, but the features.conf file specifically says that you can’t use any types of applications that would go to the dial plan (i.e. Goto, Macro, etc…).

I did something similar using applicationmap and local channel Redirect command, you can redirect all parties to a conference room

I having trouble figuring this out. I assume you meant the ChannelRedirect() application. If I call this application with a local channel, how is the local channel going to know the 3 channels in order to place in a Conference Bridge?
I missing something, if there is more you can give on this, I would appreciate that.