3-way call transfer and recordings


I m having asterisk working fine.
Asterisk 1.4.44 | Single Server | No Extra Software After Installation | CentOS release 5.5

I have below requirement. and having issue with call recording of transfered calls. Below is my scenario :

1). Agent gets outbound call connected with client.
2). Agent calls other supervisor by clicking on Transfer Button
3). Once the supervisor picks up the call, all 3 will be in conference.
4). Now, agent will hangup the call.

Now I need the call recording of all three. i.e agent, client and supervisor. How can I accomplish this ?

-Any suggestions Pls.

That version of Asterisk is several years beyond the end of its support life.

Guessing the gaps in your description, I think you have SIP phone and the SIP phone is doing the conference bridging. In that case, Asterisk is totally unaware that there is a conference.

Thank you for your reply.

Above is my requirement. I m not using any of the hard phone for conference bridge. I want the ways by which I can do 3-way calling with recording.

Transfer is somewhat different from your thought of conferencing. You might program your transfer button to take advantage of features.conf.

This is what I had suggested for 3 way conferencing couple of years back.
lists.digium.com/pipermail/aster … 63345.html

You can add Mixmonitor in dialplan to get the call recorded along with conference.

–Satish Barot

Thank you satish for your reply.