Thousands of internal calls being made - Help

hey all,
we are running trixbox 1.0 with asterisk and free FreePBX Administration 2.1.1 and i think that it is running asterisk vesion 1.14
anyway we got a call from america at 5:10pm on a sunday (no one is in the office) and it was reported as answered which i presume is asterisk just answering the call. the call then went for 82 seconds anyway. after that we then got these weird internal calls from ext 410 (our default/main phone) to ext 410 the calls went for 10 seconds and were not answered now when i look at the logs i have thousands of these calls in fact it was uploading about 2 gig an hour!!!
anyways below is a picture of the very beggining of it all. i dont just need to fix the problem i need to know what it is aswell so i can tell my boss.

cheers nick

These are calls to extension 410, not from it, and represent the use of a non-trivial dialplan, so you need to provide the dialplan. (Local channels are also, implicitly, used when handling a redirected outgoing call.)

To actually see what is really happening, you need to provide verbose logging output, not call detail records.

I don’t really understand the reference to uploading. Normally one only worries about that when using the internet, but you claim these are internal calls. However that might relate to you confusion about the call direction.

Also, there is no Asterisk 1.14, and if it is Asterisk 1.4, you need to provide the third part of the version number. The version should be displayed when you start “asterisk -r” from the shell.

Also note that the people on this forum are not all familiar with the operations of Asterisk GUIs. You will almost certainly have to describe things in turns of the underlying Asterisk configuration. You may find it better to look for a FreePBX or Trixbox forum, or mailing list.

When I commented about the non-triviality of the dialplan, I had missed the reference to FreePBX. Dialplans installed by Asterisk GUIs are always non-trivial, and including it here would overwhelm people. That is why you need a FreePBX expert, not an Asterisk one.

Also, although CDRs generally are not useful for debugging, yours do not include all the columns, and do not contain the column headings or a guarantee that they are in the same order as those in the CSV version.