New Asterisk Administrator

I just started working for this company that has * v1.2.9.1 with Trixbox v1.1.1 I have never used Asterisk before. A problem they were seeing before I started was occassionally they would dial an outside #, would hear the phone ring 2 or 3 times and then static. The # on the other end would never ring. The machine is configured with an OpenVox A400P04 and OpenVox D110P. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This morning the system would not allow anyone to dial long-distance or toll-free numbers. Local number were properly handled. My boss said that priority was to get the phones back up and running. As such, I gracefully shutdown and restarted the machine.

The problem manifested itself in the following manner:
– Dial 800 number
Ring once then static
– Dial Long distnce number
Ring once then static
– Dial local number
Call is completed

Thank you