Unable to receive inbound calls

Hi Guys,

Sorry if i come across quite incompetent it is due to me being thrown into the deep end with no Asterisk training or background support at all.

One of clients is currently experiencing an issue where 3 extensions are unable to make calls out transfer or dial internally.

I have attempted to reboot the server twice as well as restart the asterisk service itself once.

I have checked the outbound routes to make sure these appear correct but due to me not having any experience with Asterisk i am not even sure this is correct.

We are currently using Trixbox.

Unfortunately i really cant tell you any more than this due to me not knowing the information. If somebody is able to help it would greatly be appreciated.


Yikes, Trixbox.

All I can do is offer pointers in the right direction, I can’t carry you through.

You’ll likely end up on the Asterisk CLI (log into the Linux system as root, run “asterisk -r”)
and from there you’ll want to see what’s going on / wrong when someone tries to place a call.

You’re going to see a lot of stuff whizzing by on the screen, so you’ll have to go through it carefully.

Hi Malcolm,

Thanks for lending a helping hand.

I have accessed the Asterisks CLI and noticed that the user is unable to dial more than 3 numbers in the format 014.

To me this seems like an issue with some sort of dial pattern. Could you offer any more assistance?

That’s a good place to start. Your dialplan for Trixbox probably comes from extensions.conf; also look into your phone’s dial plans to make sure they’re not dialing prematurely.