This is what I want, is it realistic/pssible?

I’m totally new to asterisk and really am not following particularly well what it does and how to make it do what I want so I’ll just describe the outcomes I’m after and maybe someone can tell me if its possible.

So basically I want to take an existing standard telephone line and use some sort of device should one exist to turn it onto an IP line so that incoming calls can be picked up by a computer. If the incoming call is a fax it would be emailed or something similar. And if its a voice call it will either ring an IP phone/software or go to an answering service. For outgoing calls I would like to be able to use a call out service so that outgoing calls don’t tie up the incoming line. So to me it sounds like it would be a fairly simple and standard setup however I could be way off, and I have no idea what the hardware requirements to get from phone to IP are, I would assume a standard modem but I could be quite wrong I expect.

Thanks greatly in advance!

Yes. Asterisk can do this. If you want to connect a POTS line to asterisk you would need to buy a card for it. I would recommend either Digium or Sangoma. The rest is a matter of configuring asterisk to what you have described.