Can I accomplish my simple plans using asterisk

Currently I have a POTS system in my home, set up as a data line. I want to convert this over into a voip/softphone. My firewall/router is running BSD, so asterisk support is possible to my knowledge.

Before anyone suggests suggests going through a voip provider such as skype/etc. I have considered that and it is out of the question. I have multiple motives driving me to converting my POTS system to a voip line and I don’t want to go into detail on all of them.

What I have now is multiple machines in a virtual environment, 99% of calls will be incoming, I want to be able access these calls remotely via remote desktop. occasionally I will have an outgoing call, but if needed I can always do this through a cellular provider, and very rarely, maybe once per year I will send a fax.

One, what hardware do I need to support this? Many suggest signing up for a SIP provider, what will I need to accomplish this without any 3rd parties support (other than my POTS provider)

Will just any phone modem card supported by BSD work for this application?

Okay, so I guess I didn’t do enough research before posting. I have been workign on this for weeks and haven’t found the information on how to set up my own “TRUNK”? only how to subscribe to a trunk provider. I just have a single line phone, I want to turn it into a soft phone and answer/dial calls on a PC. Seems silly I cannot find info on doing this, a $10 piece of hardware can do this outside of a computer, it’s called a standard phone. Also, $5 modems have done this for ages, it’s called dial up internet. I guess I am confused on the proper terminology to find the results I am looking for. … eConn.html

Simple telephones are mass market problems that don’t address the level of echo cancellation needed for VoIP.

There was one winmodem (X100P in Asterisk circles) that was supported. I’m not sure it is still supported. I’m not sure that it had all the line state detection needed for some caller ID schemes and answer/disconnect supervision.

Many people use SIP to analogue gateways and a google of the forum should turn up product names.