Asterisk and Pots

Hello I have a question ! Would asterisk Dial out using a regular POTS line ? What would I need as far as hardware. Planing on using Asterisk on foreign country but Coutry doesn t have Voip Provider and need the number to be local.


Yes, Asterisk can use POTS lines, for example through one of the Digium analog cards, with FXO module(s), like the one shown here: .


Marco Bruni

Thanks Marco But let me explain in more details what I want to do, Just so that I could know if i should even start Putting a budget together for it.

Right now in The US I have Asterisk Setup where I have a call File Calling out People that Subscribe to a club and Play an Audio File Automatically. I have a Voip Service that Allow SIP Trunk.

I wanna do the same thing back home, but since it’s a third world country we don t have voip providers, we only have regular POTS line, I know it would take a long time since it’s one by one but still it would be posible ?

So would Asterisk be able to call out using the call file and that POTS Line.




Marco Bruni