The raspberry pi and the dahdi

Because i want to use MeetMe,so i have tryed to install dahdi on my raspberry(use os debian) with the command “sudo apt-get install asterisk-dahdi”,but after /etc/dahdi, there is only one file mabey called “xpp.conf” and nothing like “system.conf”.
When i use “service dahdi start”,it reply “/etc/dahdi/system.conf not fond,doing nothing”.

i don’t know why this happened and how to solve it.


Meetme is deprecated. You probably don’t need to use it. confbridge implements the conference bridge in user space and modern Asterisks don’t need dahdi for timing.

Any port of dahdi to RPi is likely to have been done by a third party.

Standard RPi kernels are tickless, so not particularly designed for applications that need 20ms ticks.

Thank you very much,the problem has been solved!
merci beaucoup!