DAHDI driver unloaded


I installed on Raspberry Pi 3 Gemeinschaft-3.2 on a Debian Jessie. Gemeinschaft-3.2 uses Asterisk I can’t install dahdi-linux-complete-2.10.2+2.10.2.tar.gz because there is no support by armhf. So I used dahdi und dahdi-linux (both 1: by raspberry respository.
When I use dahdi_genconf, I get the message about an unloades DAHDI driver
Empty configuration – no spans
/usr/sbin/dahdi_span_assignments: Missing ‘/sys/bus/dahdi_devices/devices’ (DAHDI driver unloaded?)
Command failed (status=256): ‘dahdi_span_assignments dumpconfig > /etc/dahdi/assigned-spans.conf’ at /usr/share/perl5/Dahdi/Config/Gen/Assignedspans.pm line 40, line 4.

There are no devices under /dev/dahdi and lsmod shows no loaded dahdi modules.
What is wrong? How could you help me?

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Diani Beach

What are you using Dahdi for? I can’t think of a way to connect an FXS/FXO/PRI card to a Raspberry Pi. Is it just for the MeetMe timing? If so, you may want to switch to ConfBridge. It doesn’t require Dahdi for timing.

Although the solution is the same, what MeetMe really needs from DAHDI is the conference bridge.

I misspoke. It’s Conference, not ConfBridge. Though there could be a problem using it.


You should be able to compile a more modern version on the Pi. I’m not familiar with Gemeinschaft.

Open said, I don’t know where I need Dahdi. I suspected it is used as interface between analoge phones and SIP. It is tried to install by the bash script of Gemeinschaft. Because it was failed I installed it by the package manager.
What does ConfBridge and what does MeetMe? Okay, conference would be nice. Priority is at first a running phone system after disconnecting ISDN today on a new Raspberry pi system (the older Gemeinschaft 3.1 runs still with ISDN-card on a 64AMD-Processor).

How I said the both packages exist for Raspberry Pi and there was no error on installation routine with apt-get. But the devices are not generated under /dev/dahdi and the modules for Dahdi are not loaded. Do you have any ideas to solve that point?

DAHDI is an interface to PCI cards providing terminations for circuit switched connections, both analogue and digital. As RPi doesn’t support PCI, there is no point in installing DAHDI for that purpose.

Those cards also provided timing signals and conference bridging functions, and DAHDI can simulate those for people who have no suitable cards. However, Asterisk itself can now provide timing, and recent conferencing applications do not use the DAHDI provided bridges. As such you should not need DAHDI on RPi.

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Thanks for your response and explanation. So I will DAHDI unused.