[ASK] Its possible meetme with xen kernel?

Dear All,

I get the problem when setup meetme.conf, my meetme doesn’t work.
the error message is “app_meetme.c: Unable to open DAHDI pseudo device”

I know its related to dahdi, asterisk need timing funtion.
I don’t have any dahdi card, and look like dahdi_dummy it can’t work with xen kernel. Because now, my asterisk server is
as xen VM.
My asterisk version its asterisk- running on CentOS.

its possible meetme using dummy_dahdy with xen kernel? Is that any solution?

Great apreciate for every help. Thank you.

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There no longer is a dahdi-dummy. The fallback timing function is part of the core driver. dahdi will run on VMWare, without any hardware. I can’t answer for Xen, except to note that I would not run a production system on any virtual machine environment.

Actually the issue with meetme is not timing, although I think the answer is the same. meetme needs dahdi because the actual conference bridge logic is in dahdi.

The newer conferencing application has the bridge in user space.

I’d second that comment about VMware. I’m running on VMware and it works fine. Not sure also about Xen.

Thank you very much for yours reply. I never try it on VMware, but on xen its can’t work.
Maybe i can try ConfBridge. But on Asterisk 1.8 its just for experimental.
Somebody can give me example for ConfBridge on Asterisk 1.8? Because so far i trying its not working.
I created confbridge.conf manually, and the content is same like meetme.conf.

Thank you.

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Don’t know about ConfBridge but I do know that Asterisk will also run under Proxmox VM so it should work under Xen as well, or there should at least be a fix for it to run.

Found this, don’t know if it gives you any pointers: leeconomics.wordpress.com/2009/1 … sk-on-xen/