Testing T1 connections

I’m trying to develop an asterick application that will connect to a T1 line.

Unfortunately, a T1 to test against will not be available for a while.

Are there easy ways to simulate a T1 line using an Asterisk box? I can think of two possibilites:
1.) use a loop back cable with a TE110P card so that out bound T1 channels get routed back to the inbound T1 lines ( pins 1->4 … 2->5 )
2.) build a channel bank. With, say, 4 FXO cards and a TE110P card, create a channel bank that accepts 4 PSTN calls, and routes them to the T1 card. then feed this T1 output to another computer with a T1 card.

Does anyone have any suggestions fo this? and any links to possible sample configuration files?