Channel bank


If i use this T1 card mounted in PCI of asterisk box and connect to channel bank
do i need T1 service provider? or the PSTN provider will do?

how about sip phones in same LAN could they make call with this analog phone in
channel bank?

I have no experience with T1, but I have experience with PSTN.
You will have no problems with calls between PSTN lines and SIP phones.
I suppose same is valid with T1.
If we will follow same route - I need PSTN provider to use PSTN lines - same for T1 - to use T1, you will need T1 provider.

No you don’t need any hard line (T1, E1 PSTN) service to just connect a channelbank with a T1 card in Asterisk. We have many FXS channelbanks in service with Asterisk and they work great. You just treat each Zap channel as a phone.

mflorell, in regards to channel bank usage, is there any particular brand/PCI card combination that you could recommend me?

I’ve used lots of combinations, with both Digium and Sangoma T1/E1 cards and as for channelbanks I’ve worked on systems that had Rhino, Carrier Access, Adtran and Zhone channelbanks, all without any problems.

I highly recommend Rhino for channel banks. Their tech support team and engineers offer the best post sales experience and support I have ever had with any tech purchase I have made.

I ordered my channel bank not knowing what the ins and outs of my particular needs were. The Rhino guys walked me through the setup of my box, and built specialised firmware for my channel bank so that it spoke correctly to my analog did lines. Then when I continued to have problems, the techs took a look at my config files and found an error in my dialing plan. These guys are Asterisk and telephony pros. In my mind there is no other source for Channel banks.

I still owe the Rhino Team lunch.

As far as cards go, I have only used Digium and have been quite happy with their performance. Using Digium leaves out any guess work knowing that the cards will simply work.


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