Help routing T1 to both channel bank and Asterisk

Here is our current configuration:

  1. Incoming T1 from telco
  2. T1 connects to Adit 600 channel bank
  3. Channel bank contains two FXS (8 chan each) cards
  4. Elephant cable (24 pair) runs from channel bank to 66 block (our CO lines)
  5. POTS phones connected to 66 block
  6. 66 block also routes to existing PBX
  • We only have 14 phone numbers on the T1, so channels 15+ I believe are unused.

I will be migrating from the old PBX and POTS phones to Asterisk with SIP hardphones, and I want Asterisk to interface with the T1 digitally (TE110P or TE210P, whichever I need).

So my question is how can I keep the existing phone system running until fully migrated to Asterisk? I.e. I’ll add a couple of phone numbers to the T1 (channels 15 and 16) for Asterisk to use for external calls to come in and to dial out, while channels 1-14 still hit the channel bank and route through the elephant cable to 66 block.

Digium pre-sales suggested that I could use a TE210P, run the T1 directly into port #1, and forward channels 1-14 through port #2 which would connect to the channel bank. I can’t figure out how this would be configured though. Any suggestions?


Well my first suggestion would be to call the telco and find out exactly how the T1 is provisioned you are going to have to know this to configure asterisk for it. Then look around the following 2 links. … +Telephony

Thanks, but I’ve done a lot of research already (and still am). Because I’ve not been able to find any resources directly relating to this after an honest effort, I wanted to ask for some assistance from others.

ok lets see what we can do. Do you know anyhting about how the T1 from the telco is configured can you access the adit to see how it is setup? If there sendig you DID then it would be fairly simple to give you a routing example of a dial plan.There are plenty of people here to help but we need some info to go on.

Thanks for the reply. That I’m still unsure of. Unfortunately the telco couldn’t tell me much about it because they inherited the line from someone else :frowning:. What specific things do I need to find out? The signalling and encoding? They couldn’t even tell me what type of interface, but they think it’s a DS1. They’re still looking into it but it would help if I had specific questions I could ask.

I’m really not farmiliar with channel bank configuration. I have physical access to it – is that all I would need? If it helps, it contains a TDM controller card, two FXS cards, and a CMG Router card. I also know the person at the telco I talked to connected to it when they went to give me some info, but admittingly told me nobody really knew much about them =/.

Is there any way of not needing to re-configure the channel bank and just pass the channels it needs to use to it while keeping the other channels for Asterisk? Once I have the specs I need to interface the T1 with Asterisk, that is.


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