Channel bank with T1 card but without T1 service provider


i want to use channel bank so i can have 24 analog phones or more

my question is i dont have and i dont want to connect to T1 service provider

just from Central Office (CO) or PSTN or analog phone provider

do i still need to have T1 card in my Asterisk Box and connect to Channel Bank?

is this will work having T1 Card without T1 service provider in Asterisk PBX with 24 port RHINO Channel Bank?

please Help

Yes you will need a T1 card to connect to the channel Bank. No you do not have to have a T1 from a provider.My first asterisk set up was like this. I used the first 8 channels of the bank FXO to connect to the PSTN the last 16 were FXS that connected to analog phones

Thank you Bro now i can go my project with correct devices

mat salam!!