Telephony Service built on Astrik

I am looking to build a telephony server call recorder for my mobile app.
I want it to be built with a system that relies on Astrik but more out of the box so we can develop and deploy it quicker.

I’m looking for recommendations of a service we could test and if you have details about the costs

This is way too little information about what you’re wanting to do for us to
even understand the requirement, let alone for anyone to estimate what it
would cost to implement.

Please explain in detail what you want to do. Please do not assume that it’s
obvious to anyone what else your “mobile app” is or does.


i’m a marketing person so excuse the lack of technical knowledge on my question.
my app is a caller id and phone dialer

no need to write about the cost, looking for recommendations of services i can use to help with the configurations

Yes, but what do you want Asterisk to actually DO?

Asterisk is like a Lego set - you can build all sorts of things with it, but
someone has to work out how to put the pieces together to get the desired end

So, please tell us what end result you want - what do you want the “service
based on Asterisk” to actually do?

Your description of the app as a “Caller ID and phone dialler” is also not at
all clear to me. Is this thing a SIP-based softphone (ie: it handles the
audio of phone calls as well as generating Caller ID and sending dial requests
to something) or is it just some app which tells another system to create an
audio connection between two other devices?

I recognise that you’re a marketing person, so if these questons are beyond
your understanding of how a telephone system works, please get one of your
technical people (someone who has done the architectural design, for example,
even if you don’t have someone with the skills to do the implementation) to
explain what the system is and how Asterisk is expected to fit in to it.


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