A bit confused trying to implement a sip client

Hello gents. I recently found out about asterisk. I have been trying to find a answer for my question but seem to be getting more confused. I have an headless embedded device that I would like to act as a sip phone.
From what I have read / understand, asterisk can act as a sip server. However I do not need that functionality.
I need my device to register to a SIP server, and then make and receive calls.

So my question is can I do this with asterisk alone, or do i then also need something else to interact with asterisk to do this. Or am i just all jacked up :wink:

If you both make and receive calls you need to be both a SIP client and a SIP server.

Although you might be able to use Asterisk, it is not designed for that sort of use. I would look for an open source SIP phone. I believe Linphone is one, and adapt that, instead.

Indeed, Asterisk isn’t made to be used in a SIP phone. It could be but just because it could doesn’t mean it should or that the experience will be great.