Need advice on asterisk integration

Hi everyone i have an api that manage my clients appointment through a phone app.
My idea here since i am working with very small businesses that cant afford analog devices and all of them use sim cards to run their business. I want to integrate asterisk in my api, get permission in the app to control phone calls, record the voice packages and send them to asterisk on my server, and then asterisk will interact with the call through ivr and book appointments through numbers input.
And then possibly in the future add an option for the call to get mirrored on a call center agent app to answer and book appointments with the client for the business if they want paid service.
Is that even possible and if so can i please get some tips on how to get it done?

this is how i imagine it working

  • Permissions are acquired in the app
  • When my client receives a gsm call
  • The app answers and starts HTML5 encrypted voice stream using H3C
    *Asterisk on my server interacts with the call through ivr
  • Ivr suggests available appointments and confirm booking
  • If not agreed on suggested appointments then asterisk routes the call to one of the online call center agents through the call center app
    The point here instead of getting sip trunks and stand alone server to manage the calls, each client phone can act as their mini sip trunk and it will also dramatically reduce the cost and amount of work required to run and maintain it in the future.
    Is it possible? If so can i get some tips please?
    Thanks everyone

It sounds like you want WebRTC. Be warned, WebRTC is a moving target and only really suitable for deployment by techies who are able to low level debug all the protocols used.

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Well i am an amateur i will admit it but i got my developers only problem is i cant find anything similar to the business model in my mind and i have limited resources so i want to know for sure that its possible before investing time and money into it.

Not an expert here, But may I suggest integrating with a MySQL Database where you can store all your calendar appointment then have your developers create a simple PHP webpage that reads off the data in MySQL

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