Build Softphone

I want to develop a softphone based on SIP accounts to make and receive calls.
What do I need to use, does ASTERISK meet these needs or are there other modules?

Whilst you could put something together, you would be better off starting with the PJSIP package which is now the basis of the preferred SIP support in Asterisk.

Also, unless you have some unique selling point, which would almost certainly make Asterisk a bad starting point, you are rather late to market.

A ‘softphone’ is an end user interface for originating and receiving calls.

Asterisk has no end user interface. It is a telephony toolkit, like a big box of Legos. You can build many things with Asterisk, but a softphone would be way down on the list.

Any reason none of the existing commercial and open source softphones don’t meet your needs?

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