TE420 in HP DL380 G5

I’m having major issues trying to get the TE420 to work in my servers.

I have 6 PCI-express quad port TE420’s and 3 HP DL380 G5’s.

Problems are :
The machines fail to boot, they sometimes hang in POST with one or two cards, If i fill all three slots on the riser cards the machine never boots.

If the machine boots the cards are hardly ever found nor by the bios utilities provided by HP nor by the OS lspci.

I’ve tried latest firmware (P56) for HP bios and also tried to change bios setting, like disabling all onboard devices and re-assignig irq’s.

I must be missing something obvious as I can hardly imagine that 6 cards are DOA.

I opened a ticket with support@digium two days ago but I have not heard from them yet

Does anybody have ideas on what I can do? I banging my head against the wall here.

Well doing some testing with these card on another server (HP dl320g5p) gives NMI errors so it looks like there is a problem with these cards.

3 to 4 boots out of 10 gives these nmi errors which looks like the same frequency as the DL380 not detecting the card.

Digium suspects these cards have a problem, so they are being rma’d.

digium.com/en/docs/tech_bull … 081113.php