TE120P T1/E1 Card Configuration Help

I have recently installed Asterisk Now 5 Beta with a TE120P card to handle my PRI T1 circuit for my VoIP system. I can not find information anywhere on how to install and configure this card so I can start configuring Asterisk Now to start making and receiving phone calls.

Does anyone know how to properly configure this to work with Asterisk Now and then how to setup the trunks/ports so I can configure and use the system? Any help would be fantastic. I am using standard US PRI T1 set for NI2 or National.


I hate to be a me too’er.

However I am having the same problems.



Asterisk Now currently does not support digital cards, only analog. You will need to manually configure zaptel.conf and zapata.conf and probably disable the ‘zapscan’ utility from running on boot up as it may overwrite your settings. There will need to be some more manual changes for inbound and outbound dialing. Digium’s support can help you out on getting the cards setup with Asterisk Now.

Digium support: