New to Asterisk Now!

I’ve been tasked with setting up the new Asterisk server at work. Having never used the product before, I think I’m doing well to only have one issue, but many questions.

I’m using Asterisk Now! beta 5. It’s installed, and seems to be running OK. I can get into the GUI through the web, and configure everything except the T1 card. We’ve got a TE120P installed, and when I try to configure the Service Provider, it tells me that “there are no Analog devices present”. I tried to hand build the system, and stumbled in the same spot. We will be using a standard T1 (b8zs, esf, span 1, rec clock form other end). When I configured the zaptel.conf on the hand built machine, I rebooted after the config, and the machine just keeps saying “Asterisk died with error code 1, restarting Asterisk” over and over again. That’s why I decided to try Asterisk Now!.

I guess these are my questions:
Does the T1 have to be plugged in for Asterisk to work before Asterisk will stay running after the zaptel.conf is setup?

Does Asterisk Now have a way to configure the TE120P card through the GUI?

Does Asterisk Now even support that card? (I’ve read something about the Zaptel 1.4.2 being the only zaptel to support this card, but the documentation doesn’t support that).

Ideally, I’d like to continue using the Asterisk Now setup since it was almost literally plug and play. If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it.


If anyone can help with this, I would be forever greatful. I’m kinda stuck…