[pri] te110p

We are in the process of installing a PRI line and we are going to connect it to an Asterisk Box.

Verizon called us today to find out some information. I am surprised that they have never heard of Asterisk or Digium. But anyways, they needed some information in order to set up the circuit.

[b]Does the TE110P support NI1 or NI2?

What is the number of digits outpulsed?

Is there a version number on the TE110P card?
Thank you in advanced to anyone who might be able to answer these questions for me. I tried to explain to Verizon that it would work but they want to make sure of it before they setup the circuit.


I’m also having a PRI installed by BellSouth and am also curious to know what kind of info I’m going to need from them and visa versa. I’m also using the TE110P card.


The TE110P will support several versions or ISDN. Ask for NI2. That is normally the cleanest to work with from my experience with installing lots of them on PBX’s. The number of digits they are asking about is the number of digits you want to see from the phone company, 3,4,or 7 to use for DID numbers, etc. These are the digits * will see inbound from the phone company.

Version # I have no clue about.

I expect the 4 port PRI card is the same.

Good luck with it.