TE411p/TE406p, E1, and T1 interconnectivity question

I work with a callcenter that will soon be opening a center in the United Kingdom, which I know will be using E1 lines. We have an existing predictive dialer which uses T1 cards. My question is, can Asterisk be used to link the T1 cards in the dialer to the E1 cards of the local office? Basically what we would need is a transparent, one-to-one interface on the lines- would that be feasible as an Asterisk solution, or would we be better off buying E1 cards (considerably more expensive than the TE4**p’s)? Any input would be appreciated.

This sounds perfectly feasible to me.

You’ll need a 2 port e1/t1 card. The digium cards can have their ports configured indepentantly - ie 1 port as t1 and one port as e1.

You can then set the port/protocols (zaptel.conf) on a per span basis, one as T1 and one as E1, connecting the dialer and the t1 in the asterisk with a t1 cross-over.

You’ll need to remember that the E1 has 30 b channels and the T1 has 23.

Let us know how you get on.