TE110P or Rhino R1T1

Hello expert

My Boss is now in the US having vacation and likewise have to buy Channel bank for
our Asterisk Server. I recommended to him the Rhino 24 port channel bank so our Asterisk PBX could Have more analog phones. during my browse in the internet i have found reseller of Rhino Equipment having promo that for every pruchase of Rhino 24 port channel bank customer will get 1 free of R1T1 card.

But i told him to buy TE110P if he could not get free of R1T1.

Now my question is Rhino R1T1 T1/E1 card from RhinoEquipment will work the same as TE110P card of Digium in interconnecting Asterisk Server and Rhino Channel Bank?

How about the driver to make it recognize work with asterisk?

Please share your experiences

My Boss is still in U.S things might be change:)