Channelbanks or TDM2400P for SMB?

howdie, still digging into possible setups here in our SMB in France. I project connecting 120 analog & 10 numeric phone lines into an asterisk box to play with (dangerous toy!) before even considering VOIP for now.

I’d like to get rid of our NEXPLAN XL pbx, but would like some advice on the asterisk hardware setup.

What would be the most qualitative (& cost effective) solution?

plug all of our 120 analog lines into 24port channelbanks & link these (5 banks) to a (digium) T1 port in asterisk, plugged to the T1 telco arrival port?

Or invest in 5 TDM2400 wildcards? I dont see however how to plug RJ11 lines into a PCI interface chip (but i’m not a computer geek), digium stating this replacing need for channelbanks & T1 cards alltogether.

could anyone advise me on this?
could anyone give me an idea of the cost of either of these solutions?

ps: how about numeric lines? Can they be used in asterisk pbx?



Your best solution would be to use Rhino Channel banks along with a Digium Wildcard TE110P single T1/E1 PCI Card or to go with a quad card that includes echo cancellation. Here is a list of our products and would be willing to work out some pricing for you. … cts_id=415

The 5 Digium card solution could run into problems as far as echo cancellation.


Well I dont know anything about France Telecom but I beleive I would start by talking with the telco and see about getting some T1 lines instead of all those analog lines.
I havent tried the 2400p cards yet but if you need that many lines you will probably be better off with T1 cards 2 quads if you want some expansion for future use and channel banks. I dont think you will get 5 2400 cards in 1 box and get them all to work. It looks like the 2400 card has a RJ22 connector on it to break it out to a punchdown block.

Im not sure what you mean by numeric lines?

We recently had to make this decision, albeit at a much smaller scale. Our options were a fractional T1 w/channel bank or 1 TDM2400. The only reason we went with the TDM2400 was our calling plan with the telco.

If you do go with the TDM2400, almost anyone that sells you one will be able to supply an RJ11 breakout panel. You can also buy the channel cards with onboard echo cancellation.