Low cost channel Bank for asterisk

Hi all,

I have been searching for a low cost channel bank, to connect at least 24 analog phones per channel bank. I found the rhino which uses a T1 card to connect to asterisk, also found xorcom which uses USB to connect to asterisk.

Both of them, with all the respect, seems to be expensive from this part of the world. is there any other make/brand which cost less, but still do the functionality of rhino or xorcom. Here is the exact requirement:

i do have 55 analog telephones already installed and wired, but not connected to a PBX. my client is willing to invest in a asterisk server and the 8 port FXO card, but not on those expensive channel banks. Please advice me with any alternatives.


MT Kondela


Im sorry to say you get what you pay for in this world and you have found the cheapest options. Basicly your client needs to understand that a per port cost of around $100 is normal. The Grandstream GXW4024 comes in well under this though.


Did anyone tried GXW4024?

I found vegastream.com is selling 24 or 48 ports FXS gateways, SIP based. I dont have the pricing, but at least we could save the Dual T1 cost from server side.


Hi Yes vegastream do sell high density gateways I only use them, But price wise you are looking at about $2000 for the 24 and $3500 for the 48 port