TE110P data and voice configs, questions .... any answers?

Hello all,
We recently set up our office with a rhino fxo channel bank conneted to 10 lines. Now, almost immediately, we outgrew our 10 lines. We are moving to a T1 VOIP configuration and I would like to utilize the TE110P for bot voice and data … it states that you can config it to accept both data and voice 12/12, but how? Is there any documentation on this?

Do i connect the PRI T1 coming from the curcuit directly into the card or should I just connect the T1 to our Gb switch and route all voice through the Eth card on the asterisk box and get rid of the T1 card too?

We are also going to voxee.com for their IAX termination. Should we purchase the G729 codec ?

Sorry for all of the q’s just hoping for the best config