TAPI app registering to Asterisk

Hi guys,

I’m new to Asterisk, so please excuse me if my question sounds silly to you.

i have AsteriskNOW installed on a server, and i have 2 other machines which they both have xlite installed, i’m able to make calls between the 2 via Asterisk.

now i’m trying to register a TAPI based application (TAPI 2.2) with Asterisk as a peer so that other VOIP phones can make calls to it. i’m using Activa TSP for Asterisk to translate TAPI commands into SIP calls. I used the lineInitializeEx and lineOpen to logon as manager and to open a line with Asterisk, and i’m able to make outgoing call to other peer using lineMakeCall on this opened line. but there isn’t seem to be any TAPI methods to register the client to Asterisk, or is there one i just missed? I know SIP has the REGISTER method which does what i need, but i can’t seem to find the TAPI equivalent.

i was also wondering if it’s possible to have Asterisk constantly checking the status of my TAPI app, and if it’s up, register it on the server as online. Is this possible at all?

thanks a lot for your help!!