How to use TAPI with Asterisk [SOLVED]


I am plannig to develop asterisk tapi dialer.
But i dont know how to use TAPI with asterisk. Is there any hardware needed to use tapi with asterisk?

What the command to use it for that ?

How to install tapi in asterisk ?

How it works ?

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A quick google suggests that the open source Asterisk TAPI driver died with Asterisk 1.2, so the first thing you need to do is buy a commercial TAPI driver. Most people would use AMI directly.


Are you intending to do first party or 3rd party Tapi ? , ADA does support tapi as does Astapi, Personaly I would go the AMI way as you are not limited to which OS you use and making sure that version of Windows supports the Tapi middle ware you have.



I know how to develop the TAPI driver for Asterisk and I did already. Do you want more information PM me.




When someone offers to help you via private message, it doesn’t benefit the board, because no one else can see those answers. That’s not good for the board, except in the commercial sections of the board. Asterisk-Support isn’t.


I have tried with Activa TSP. i can make call. I have connected with tapi with AMI.

but still i am confused. how its working ?

is there any other softwares like this ?



For Activa related how it works that question you have to mark to Activa source forge.

You need to learn what is TAPI and how it works then you come to know how the Activa works.


Through manager i have successfully dial-out the call using Activa TAPI. Do you know any website to check the TAPI integration with asterisk ?

@ianplain : This is first time i am using tapi. what is first party or 3rd party Tapi ?

@ketan.jadav : thank you very much for your information. do you have any documentation for TAPI in asterisk ?
Please provide me the weblink…

One more thing i have to ask that…

if we use the tapi with asterisk, how can i use our normal pstn trunk line ?
Now i made a call using Digium telephonic PRI card.


criz :neutral_face:

You are making things unnecessarily difficult for yourself, and severely limiting the ability of this forum to help you, by insisting on TAPI. Is this an office politics thing?

Third party means that TAPI is setting up the whole call and isn’t specifically associated with the called or calling party.


Thanks David.

Is tapi working through AMI ?

Is it same like PHP integration with Asterisk Manger ?

I have configured AMI account in manager.conf and i tried to connect. it working. i have connected successfully.

i have to find some tapi document.

Is it possible to use normal voice modem with asterisk ?




As David has said, Why Tapi and if you want to use Tapi then surely you know how it works ?

Do you have a specific application that supports TAPI that you need to interface with ?

you seem to be coming at this from a strange angle knowing little about both.



its solved. i can make calls. i am getting all events.

now i am making a dialer using tapi.

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