AstTapi and c#

Im trying to convert my current program from using the avaya ipoffice tapi drivers to the AstTapi, so my program will work on asterisk. Currently, i am able to do things like make a call, which picks up the phone on speaker phone and starts dialing, but with asterisk, it does the callback? can i do it any other way?

Secound, The AstTapi wasnt handling incomming calls so i had to try and use xtelsio_TAPI_for_Asterisk, which would pick up incomming calls, but im still having many issues with getting my current c# tapi code to work with the asterisk tapi drivers. What can i try do? or is there some source code which i could look at to try and help me.

Anyone got any ideas? please im going crazy here …

someone anyone? ideas please…


I can’t offer any suggestions as far as your current code goes since I have never worked with TAPI directly (a couple of times through a 3rd party component library), but you may want to have a look at this link:

…which is a C# class for interacting with asterisk via AGI and FastAGI. Very nice class actually, very well written. I was thinking of adding support for the Manger API to it sometime in the next few months.

Sorry couldn’t be more help,