[help] question about tapi

i want to use a tapi server to comunicate with *box, but i have no idea how to configure it in *server, anybody can help me?

unbelievable,nobody knows it? :astonished:

Which TAPI server are you talking about? Are you trying to use TAPI for 3rd party call control? You would need to look into the Manager API and have a look at Asterisk TAPI.

Also, for future reference, the more information you may provide about what you are using and what you are trying to accomplish, the more likely you may get the details needed to accomplish your goal.

I want to use a tapi server say windows2000 or xp(i am not sure if it will be ok on xp)to realize a third party call control
and I have already read the page u give above,but several things are still not clear for me.
1.is the Asttapi like a printer driver that translate the application of the tapi into asterisk? so is it indispensable ,if i want to use tapi to communicate with *box
2. is the asttapi reliable?because I have read some comments that it has still some bugs
3. for 25 pc is it better to connect them direct with *box through lan and the tapi server is not necessary?