T1 card installation in Asterisk


I have running Asterisk but it doesnt have hardware such as T1 card,
As soon as My T1 card will arrive which is better or will do, install and configure the
T1 card in a running asterisk? or format my hardisk and then install configure asterisk
with T1 card?

There should be no need to do a complete reinstall…I have successfully installed T1 cards into exisiting systems. You will need to backup your files, shutdown your system and install the T1 card. Make sure that you manually assign it’s own IRQ. There are a few other steps required, depending on your release.

What release of * are you running?

i am using 1.2.6



All found on


according the specs of your location/telco.


Your location is important to know, no detailed help without that because the parameter change from location to location.

Also WHAT card did you order ?
The 110P ?

Yes i have told my boss to buy 110P card if he could not
get R1T1 card free from buying of Rhino Channel bank at voipsupply


in this topic …
you ask me what card i have? now i have TE110P a couple of minute just the package arrive.

you mentioned that i need to install
configure zaptel.conf
and ZAPATA.conf

Im from Philippines and our CO is PLDT
in configuration that requires the Location and CO is it harm if i put my counrty Phil and PLDT for the CO or i need to put US?

Now I have Asterisk1.2.7.1 do i need to format my hardisk and reinstall Linux and Asterisk as well ? (just confirming for better action)