Configuring Sangoma A101 single-port T1 card with asterisk

hi, please if anyone can help me regarding "configuring Sangoma A101 single-port T1 card with asterisk "
thnks in advance

what’s the problem ?

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I have installed asterisk serer which support Linux as operating system in my system .
i have installed Sangoma A101 single-port T1 card too for PRI line, but dont know abt asterisk , how to configure it with respect to card
so i want to check wether my asterisk is working with card…
can u give meconfiguration settings for the asterisks with this card


A good place to start is from the manufacturer who makes the card website, go their and read their wiki, it is honestly the best way to get your Information you require.

Go through their whole Wiki, even the part where they walk through the install of Asterisk.

Asking for someone to give you step-by-step on here wont get you very far, 1. There is just too much information, and, 2. Your actually kind of expected to at least work on it yourself, and post your problems as you go along.

You may also want to read up on how to install Asterisk and possibly even configure some parts of it here; … ation+tips

Give that a try, spend some time on it, even doing some of the trouble shooting yourself so that way you can force yourself to learn new things which is pretty much how most of the people on here got to know how to use and work with Asterisk.



thnks for prompt reply , but i think i didnt convey my pb properly , im not asking abt step by step help:)
i have installed card and asterisk too, but stuck in configuring asterisk to work with.though i have read help /artical etc but not getting properly thats y asked :smile:as its totally new area for me to work ,n i have just support of internet:(
anyway thnks

you need to post your zapata.conf and zaptel.conf, the appropriate section of extensions.conf and also describe the problem you’re having. we’re not mind-readers.