T.38 faxserver

We started testing asterisk as a fax server, first with elastix, then with pbx in a flash. pbxiaf because I saw they supported asterisk 10, and according to voip-info that version supports t.38
We have a provider, nexvortex that supports t.38. We’d like to recieve t.38 to our asterisk server, and send those faxes to our users. With elastix, I had a working setup with iaxmodem/hylafax, where every user had their own modem(ttyIAXextensionnumber), and in the faxdispatch, there was an email for every device. worked pretty good for a month, then one day it quit working, and I couldn’t figure out why.

I started over, thinking that asterisk 10 was the answer, with t.38.
Is t.38 only supported going to a gateway device, or can t.38 be passed to iaxmodems, or similar software(I saw t38Gateway on voipinfo, can that be used with iaxmodem?)