Asterisk and T38modem configuration

I need a bit of help! quite urgently…

We’re running a ‘virtual pbx’ system in our datacenter, using SIP trunks as our ‘outside’ land lines and would like to add faxing from/to email to the asterisk possibilities, pref’d with Hylafax as a fax backend.

We have been searching for a few days now, for a solution to use t38modem on the asterisk, which is a recent v1.4 on a debian etch installation.

We cannot seem to find info on how to configure zapata.conf or whatever needed to ‘start’ the t38modem and to have asterisk configured to send and receive faxes on this/these channel/s…

Anyone already has a similar config? no ‘extra hardware’ allowed :stuck_out_tongue:

Could you tell, in detail, where you configured what, and how it reacts/works with and on asterisk?

Thanks for posting and sharing this info. Might be useful to a lot of people here?

Bram Kortleven
Ampersant bvba

Asterisk ONLY supports T.38 pass through. You may want to look at callweaver ( which is a form of asterisk 1.2.X that fully supports T.38 faxing.