Does asterrisk support t38modem?

I tried to build t38modem from in windows.
Now I need to use asterisk for t38modem.
Does asterrisk support t38modem?
How can i implement this??


Please define what you mean by T38 Modem. Asterisk 1.4.X supports T.38 FAX pass through.

Hi thanks for your reply.

t38modem is a ‘virtual’ modem software, that is access by the fax application using standard Hayes AT commands. It then talks to the fax gateway using t38.

From your fax application view point it’s a fax modem pool. From IP network view point it’s a H.323 endpoint with T.38 fax support. From your view point it’s a gateway between a fax application and IP network. Works with HylaFAX.

I downloaded this source code from