Subscribe/ Notify BLF doesn't work on outgoing calls

I have asterisk 1.4.1 and SNOM 3xx phones. I succesfully configured SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY and PickUP on phones and asterisk.
In sip.conf I have


on extension.conf I have:

exten => 200,hint,SIP/exten1
exten => 200,1,Dial(SIP/exten1)
exten => _*200,1,Pickup(200)

On SNOM 360 phone I made a setting within functional keys as:
Type: BLF
Number: exten1@asterisk|*

If I start “core show hints” or “sip show subscriptions” on asterisk console everything looks OK.
The problem is that lamps are working only if an extension receive incoming call. If an extension dials a number, the lamp associated a that extension doesn’t turn on.
In case of incoming call, LED is flashing when phone rings and stands on when extension answers the call.

What could be the problem and how can I resolve it?


Hi misk0,

I had a similar problem recently and found this article: … mitonpeers

In essence;

"In Asterisk 1.4, there’s an option called “limitonpeers” that will make
sure that both incoming and outgoing calls are accounted for.
By default a subscription only checks the peer part of a SIP
type=friend. However, with limitonpeers set to ‘yes’ Asterisk only uses
the peer call counter for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Added limitonpeers=yes to general section of sip.conf"


That’s it!!

I found that option within sip.conf but I didn’t understand explanation with this option. This yours is much better.

thank you.