BLF and the Snom 320

Hi all,

today I tried to get BLF running on a Snom320 connected to an * 1.6
I can call the associated extensions with the BLF buttons, core show hints and sip show subscriptions looks good - but the BLF LEDs don’t light up. I get no message on the CLI (with verbosity 8) indicating the the subcriptors get their information.
How should a log look like when BLF works?

allowsubscribe, notifyringing, notifyhold are yes, call-limit=4, subscribecontext is the context where the watched phones and the hints are in.

Additionally it seems that setting limitonpeers=yes causes ocassional hang ups of the asterisk?!

I solved this one today. First of all, the pattern I used for the hints is useless for my setup as we have named peers (one sip phone we used in the beginning always shows the peer registry name as user name so we stuck with the named peers), so the hints now look like ‘8050,hint,SIP/Office’ and so on instead of one single _80XX,hint,{…} line

The second point is that notifyring and notifyhold can remain in the default context, but call-limit MUST be in every peer or friend section, otherwise the peers won’t appear in “sip show inuse” and never get state “inuse” or “hold” or whatever but always stay “idle” - and would therefore not be communicated to the subscribers.

Maybe this solution helps some other user

As described in snom wiki “Extension Monitoring” you need also disable user event list subscription because snom BLF not work with it. Sad but true :cry: