Step by step guide for creating custom vmail?

hi all

my knowledge of asterisk/linux is sketchy
at best , ive got an incoming did and local extensions working so far

what id really like tho is to use some custom voicemail greetings - instead of the standard ones

i know the current greetings are in var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/…

but i wouldnt know how to actually " insert "/save… a new wav recording into the unavail.WAV/wav/gsm slots…

i dont know hopw to cut and paste , and i dont even know how to save files - in my case a wav file into the exisiting unavail.wav sections… :confused:

any help greatly appreciated.


You can record new a new voicemail promt via. you telephone set. Check this link out: … ceMailMain

What you need is under - 0 Mailbox options

If this is not enough for you, please explain what exactly you want do do for your cutom voicemail prompt?

thanks dejanst - that was helpful. :smile: