Very strange voicemail problem

Hey all,

I have a strange voicemail issue that I can’t seem to figure out. There’s really two problems, but I think they’re related. First is that if a user recieves a voicemail to their extension and tries to forward it to another user, the message that actually gets forwarded could be a specific message that another user recieved over two years ago. It happens randomly, but it always the same message. I can’t find this message anywhere on the server, and when viewing the console logs Asterisk thinks it’s playing the correct message from the users inbox. The second issue is with certain mailboxes trying to change their greetings. They’ll record a new greeting, verify it, and then save it. Asterisk says it has saved the greeting to the users mailbox, and it looks like it has since the file timestamps have changed. There are three files that are created, unavail.gsm, unavail.wav, and unavail.WAV. The problem is that when calling that extension, Asterisk still plays the old message. According to the console log, Asterisk is playing the file unavail.slin - which doesn’t exist in that directory.

Any ideas? I’m not sure if this is an Asterisk bug or some kind of file system issue. Asterisk version is running on Ubuntu 9.10.


I have seen the greeting problem. In particular I had my system set to record in wav. Which many people created their greeting under. Later I changed it to wav49 to create smaller files. When people would then go change their greeting you would end up with the greeting.wav and greeting.WAV. One is the wav format and the other is the wav49 format.

There appears to be a bug in that it is not properly clearing out the “other” greeting, when saving the wav49 format. Then when it goes to play the greeting it always choices the .wav file first. if it doesn’t exist then it locates the .WAV file.

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