SSH not running

I am running an allstar node on a Raspberry Pi. I would like to access the RPi remotely using SSH, but whenever I try to connect, I get “connection refused”. I also see an error when I start the system saying ssh daemon was not started.

Any help would be appreciated.

Not an Asterisk issue.

Wow that really cleared it up for me! Do you think you might be able to
suggest what it is an issue of, or is that a problem?

Please at least try to be helpful.

SIncerely, Jim Darrough

The port is blocked by the LINUX or other firewall. sshd was neither started by the LINUX startup scripts nor included in the LINUX internet service daemon configuration.

Details of the configuration for these is distribution dependent, and Raspberry Pi can use more than one distribution, and none of those distributions are the ones used my most Asterisk users.

I see. My distribution is Arch Linux on the RPi, so I am seeing from
your reponse that probably I need to reprogram Arch to start ssh on boot.

Thanks for your help.

73 Jim KI7AY