Unable to connect to remote asterisk woes :-<

OK…So here is the latest on my learning stuff.

I’ve successfully installed and configured asterisk on Ubuntu server at home…but who wants to only work on somethign at home :->…long and short though it works fine.

Now at work I have an ESXi 3.5 server, so I figured why not create a VM and install ubuntu server 9.x on it and asterisk so I can play at work(lots more hardware and bandwidth here).

anyhow the strange thing is that I"ve installed it no problem, and it’s running(pretty sure).

when I try to connect to the service using asterisk -r (or vvvvvvvvvvvr) I get an error “unable to connect blah blah”…now I had the same problem at home, found out I need to run the command using sudo asterisk -r and it connects fine…

So googling around I see everyone saying to check /var/run/asterisk for a .ctl and .pid file, and they do exist on this install…for a fun test I deleted these files and rebooted(someone recommended that somewheere).

Anyhow I reboot, as I watch I see the console report that it’s starting asterisk…log in as my user and check the /var/run/asterisk folder and the files are back as expected…run the command sudo asterisk -r and I get the same error…unable to connect.

Funny thing is I went through what I thought was the same steps as on my home box…but obviously something is differnet :->. The only thing I can think of that is diferent is that I’m running on VMware esxi…but that shouldn’t really effect anything other than performance one would think.

So I"m a linux newbie, not sure what the deal is here…any other ideas?

Here is some info about this install:

Ubuntu 32bit server(current version) installed originally with just open SSH
Installed all the requirements for DAHDI and asterisk
Installed from source dahdi-linux-complete-2.2.1+2.2.1
Install from source Asterisk-

Linux version is 2.6.31-14

used sudo make config to get it to load at boot.

Other things I’ve noticed that may help:
If I run the command sudo service --status-all just about everything shows as [?], so I’m assumign it’s some permissions thing, but I haven’t set up any user accounts other than mine(with ubuntu you don’t/can’t log in as root…everything as sudo).

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


pretty sure it’s not fully running even though it looks like it because I didn’t install the samples…
I’m attempting to setup without samples…I"ll let you know the results.


confirmed that asterisk would not run properly without the config files. The book “Asterisk – The future of telephony Second Edition” is a great book btw, but in apendix D it states that asterisk will load and run without any config files(just won’t do much)…which made me think that maybe it was something else that wrong…so I installed the samples(make samples) and then asterisk loaded instantly.

So indeed asterisk will not load on ubuntu at least(for me), without any config files…just an FYI.