Hardware support

I have recently installed Asterisk now on a stand alone computer, which is connected to my local network. I have accessed the gui interface ok, from my remote computer, and am steadily learning.
One small problem I have is that I that my asterisk server has it’s own monitor & I would like to be able to boot and access this servers startup bash terminal from my remote position on the local network. Thus being able to completely remove this monitor.
I have read, on the forum, that I can use a secure SSh shell but so far all attempts have failed.
In addition my installation does not allow me to modify any service settings, as I can not use the “save feature”.
This may be limiting my options, additionally I could not update the modules, to try to fix this, as it fails on a “mirror” issue???

I appreciate this is probably a simple fix, and not nescassarily a pure asterisk problem. How ever if any one can help it would be much appreciated.


This is really more of a Linux setup issue more than an Asterisk issue, but since you are here and so am I…

First question. You state that you installed Asterisk and are accessing the GUI. That tells me you installed from a bootable CD with Asterisk built into the Linux distribution such as Asterisk Now or PBX in a Flash. What did you install?

SSH is a service that run on Linux. If you have access to the system console and the root password, you should be able to setup SSH. Many distributions have it installed and available ‘out of the box’. You of course need a client on the PC you are connecting from. Is you desktop client running Windows? If so, you need a client such as PuTTy. If you are running a Linux or Mac, you should have access to an SSH client directly from a shell prompt. When you try to connect to the Asterisk server with an SSH client, what message do you get back that indicates an error?

I am confused by the ‘save feature’ comment. Where are you seeing this feature?

If you cannot update the modules, I have to assume that your server does not have access to the Internet. It needs access to the Internet to connect to a repository ‘mirror’ to find any updates. This lack of connection could be a firewall issue or a routing issue on the server.