ss7 signalling

Most of the actual PSTN networks use to interconect E1/T1, and signalling PRI or SS7.

SS7 is the most popular, but I didn`t see any information to implement this kind of signalling in the asterisk platform.

I appreciate if somebody can give information about this question.

thanks in advance

I do not think any thing has been done on asterisk for SS7 yet.

There are asterisk drivers (I think only two) that work with ss7 and E1/T1, but they are not open source.
Another solution is to use a ss7 protocol translator.
There are also some open projects like this:

Anyway you can find more in google.

SS7 Protocol is also not very cheap for private use like PRI in the U.S.

All thoi the functionality and features are great for VOIP Networks.