Asterisk PTT Interconencts and SS7 Signalling

Hi There, Does anyone have any experience of using asterisk as a commercial interconnect with a PTT?

Does asterisk with E1 cards fully support SS7 signalling?

Are there additional licencing issues here?


I doubt SS7 is anything the telcos will let you play with. I admire you for even knowing about SS7, but it seems to me there are about three of you :smile:

If you google hard enough you may find some gateway solutions that Bill Gates might be able to afford.

Hi Remco,

Thanks for your reply. Maybe I wasn’t so clear on what I am trying to acheive.

I want to setup a PSTN Interconnect with my local PTT. They say I can use any equipment as long as it supports SS7 signalling. They will put in E1’s for me to connect to.

I want to use asterisk with Digium E1 cards.

What I need to know really is will asterisk support SS7 signalling?


Darren -

I’m by no means an expert (although that hasn’t stopped a lot of other folks from posting replies), but isn’t call waiting, caller id, etc signalled thru SS7? If so, * supports them, and thus the answer is probably yes. Shouldn’t the digium sales rep be able to answer the question? BTW, wat is a PTT?

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anyone experienced no ringback tone when dialing from a client in one server to another client from another server? i’m just testing my E1 cards with SS7 and i’m quite new to this signalling, just followed the step by step setup to test two boxes with SS7. made things right but my problem is the ringback tone? asked the asterisk-ss7 mailing list but i think they don’t provide ideas on that matter. showed even my debug messages…anyone here who’ve got over that problem already? i’ve used chan_ss7 version 0.8.2 btw and asterisk 1.2.5. they say the version 0.8.2 was tested in version 1.2.4. anyone who can help me or just provide me some references? thanks in advance! :smile:


Hello Ryan. It could explain a little to me on ss7? Asterisk supports this type of signalling? Where meeting the modules of ss7 for asterisk and as to install in asterisk? How it would make the synchronism with the PSTN? … 7+channels

Hi gtcleave.
Thank you very much.

hey gt, thanks for the third link, that might be the one i’m lookin for…God bless you! :smile:

You’re most welcome. That Wiki is by far the most useful resource on Asterisk out there, learn to love it.

Sangoma has a full SS7 stack and works perfectly with their cards, and you can get SS7 systems from