Asterisk with SS7 signalling

Hello …
Can Asterisk work reliably with SS7 signaling i.e. Call handling say 500 - 1000 calls simultaneous? Is it stable? Right now, we use E1 / PRI only with Asterisk since from last few years. Currently we use Asterisk 1.4.44 with Digium / Synway & E1 - PRI. Will it work, if we divert to SS7 signaling?

yes it is reliable . Im using ss7 signalling with 16E1 in one server without any problem . Im using libss7 .
I dont know Synway brand but you can use Digium cards with ss7 signalling .

Thanks a lot omid_mohajerani. Will it work fine with Asterisk 1.4.44 as well?

I dont know . Im using asterisk 1.8 on that server . Asterisk 1.4 is not supported any more ( ) so I suggest you to use last stable asterisk ( version 11 )

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply, omid_mohajerani. since from when, you are using Asterisk 1.8 & LibSS7 server with 16 E1?