ss7 signalling

Most of the PSTN interconection are using E1, adn signalling PRI or SS/, the second one is the most popular, but I didn`t see that Asterik support this kind of signalling.

Could you tell me if exist a development to use SS7 actually??

There is a SS7 library but thats not open source, see the quote below from the SS7 page from (

[quote]Q: Is the SS7 LIBISUP available as open source?

No, is is available only from Markku Korpi (the author) of Cosini technologies based in Germany (email:, telephone: international + 49 8151 29040). He speaks English. He told me that he is selling the stack for EUR3,500 but that also includes 1 years technical support. [/quote]
I hope also that there will come an open source SS7 library. Whe currently running Asterisk on a SS7 line. But there are some identification problems. (the caller can bee seend but the called party not)

I have digium TE407P. Just want to use SS7 with asterisk. Do any one have a document or guide? If any one have it pls mail me. i tried to see , but i dont know why the page is not opening. Thanking all

You can try the google cache. (I think the will be online in a few hours, it’s not the first time they have problems.)