Asterisk + SS7 + E1's

Hi there I am setting up a Asterisk server with two Digium cards. The setup is that we are going to be provided trunks by two different telco companies, one uses SS7 and the other will use normal EuroISDN, how do I go about configuring asterisk so it can handle both types of signalling, I can find information on how to set up SS7 but not how to run both ?


I have worked on configuring ISDN PRI and SS7 but not configured both on same system. But I think the solution that can work for you is to use libss7 and not chan_ss7 because chan_ss7 uses different config file ss7.conf. libss7 uses same chan_dahdi.conf file for configuring the signalling. you can then configure chan_dahdi.conf somewhat like this:

signalling = ss7
ss7type = itu
linkset = 1
pointcode = xxxx
adjpointcode = yyyy
defaultdpc = yyyy
cicbeginswith = 1
channel = 1-15
cicbeginswith = 17
channel = 17-31
sigchan = 16

channel => 32-46,48-62

hope this helps you understanding the logic.

Thanks Brenna, I should of said at the start I am using libSS7 not chan, I was thinking the same as you regarding the logic but could not find a definitive answer if it could be done or not.