Sounds in queue at different times


I would like to configure sounds in a queue, that jump at different times to the callers, for example; at 30 seconds played “sound_a”, at 45 “sound_b”, at 105 played IVR menu, at 140 played “last_sound” and leave of queue going to the next option of dialplan.

thanks in advance

Queue module provide the periodic-announce option , it doesnt work exactly as you request some tweaking wil be needed

Hi ambiorixg12,

I have tried it and I can do it in two ways, play the audios every time, which is set in “periodic-announce-frequency” reproducing the sounds in order.
Or establishing random playback.

I have a question about the sounds,
These must be in the musicclass folder that is established in queues, or take it from a specific folder?

I have tried my sounds in wav format, but it does not recognize me, in the log it appears that the audio is reproduced, but nothing is heard, I think it is due to the incorrect format.

what could I do to be able to play a wav as a periodic announce in my queue?


The sounds are announcements, so shouldn’t be in the music folder. Tje default location would be the current language announcement folder. I’m not sure if absoluate path names are still allowed.

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